A perpetually preposterous human machine collaboration. A steampunk circus of sorts and quite pleasatly, not the only one.

An amalgamation of automatons, an Amalgamaton if you will, and a human growing immersive worlds in cahoots with AI/ML & very smart people.

It’s a big top vision.

From the Circus

It’s built by a team of artists, engineers, and mildly optimistic creatures lodged inside the head of a single time traveller. Supposedly.

They say the circus is a metaphor, whatever that means.

We’ll get to the meat of it soon enough.


In the meantime, check back as all the content in get’s properly ordered and moved from the janky old site attempts to this new, simpler one. Shiny, right!? Like a well buffed gear that your life depends on.

Fun fact: A long time ago NFT’s were posted on OpenSea. Cleary, that didn’t go anywhere but it’s, awkwardly, rather nostalgic now given how fast AIMLart has grown. It’s a good reminder of how quickly things change.

Steampunk Circus Performer