Another AI generated animation from the batches in July. Human computer collaboration with scripted key frames and prompts and params. Generally just translating on z regarding the viewport with disco diffusion and torch3d.

No sound again. My bad. I’m working on that. lol. Still post-processing all the frames for the upcoming videos. In the meantime I’m posting short experiments. #sharingiscaring

This one rendered on a P100 in ~8 hours or so. Light on the details but I’ll get better at that going forward. Hope you enjoy it. I look forward to sharing more experiments and the progress being made. I’m learning how to better track this part of the process so I can contribute more usefully. We’ll see! Advice, recommendations and criticism always appreciated!

On another note, #craiyon is really cool! Boris did a bang up job and I’ve been watching the models he’s training and it’s very neat. If you don’t know, Craiyon was Dalle-mini. Go try it out! This is not sponsored. I’m just super excited about the whole community.

Stay preposterous at the world renowned Steampunk Circus!

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