Disco Diffusion FAIL! If there was ever a good time for an OOM. This one was unfortunate. Left the machine to do it’s thing without any sanity checks in place. No guards at the asylum, ya see. We left the GPUs crunching away vigorously into the night on sights…

..yet unseen by any human. It had no understanding that the ditch it would find was to be it’s resting place this go around. Neither did we humans. I had given it plenty of berth, or so I thought. It was dumping it’s initially reasonable results into the G-Drive for all the clowns to gawk at. It was fun to check on it here and there not realizing there was a massive population of GPU cycles we were about to torture. We didn’t realize it was so close to the edge. So close to the abyss. I was so certain it was fine. Where’s the OOM when you need one? Snarky bugger.

You see, we had just crossed state lines and the edge of the District*. We were headed towards the evenings shenanigans with high hopes, good vibes and good friends. The moon was big in the sky. The windows were all rolled down and the wind seemed to carry us down the highway. It turned into a beautiful evening of outdoor jams, paper airplanes and plenty of laughter. It was easy to forget the machine we left chugging along on it’s own.

It had been hours since I’d turned off my phones notifications or checked on any generated frames. The nights activities had taken precedent… to be continued.


The Lo-Fi soundtrack is a mix of machine learning and human generated sounds along with some friendly, legal, licensed samples. Let’s go to the circus.

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! Fun Fact: One of the first known uses of steam to do work was in entertainment millennia ago. The #carneys of the day used compressed steam to “magically” levitate various light objects much to the amazement of the audiences of that era. Pretty wild! Very #Steampunk! Dare I say, science is awesome! Like a graceful #acrobats

Stay perpetually preposterous at the world renowned Steampunk Circus!


*The US Congress doesn’t think the District of Columbia deserves representation so we don’t have “state” lines per say. It’s really unfortunate.