What we have here:

  • Deforum
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Google FILM Interpolation
  • Artificial Intelligence Animation
  • Machine Learning models in FILM
  • Steampunk Circus swagger

An AI amassed, awkwardly amusing, apparently appalling, astutely accurate, anatomically adjusted aberration and animation amalgamation always available and absolutely awesome. =) . More fun than a house of mirrors! Sneak peaks at the end. Stable diffusion, Google’s FILM, ffmpeg, deforum.

A 4k Stable Diffusion H/AI animated performance at the world renowned Steampunk Circus featuring interpolation, light 3d animation and keyframed soundtrack. Subscribe and enjoy! Do so and we’ll release the rest of the performers, some of the clowns and perhaps a hippo or two AND we’ll create more amazing experiences for all of you nice folk. A fun preview of a bit of what’s to come near the end and fun facts along the way. Be nice. Feed a clown. An experiment with a melting candle briefly in the beginning…

…then whoa! Stable diffusion AI/ML generated animation with better cohesion between keyframes, audio/soundtrack keyframing, interpolation, camera changes, and prompts. Prompts were partially generated by a surprisingly poetic language model. Took quite some time to put it all together. More on that later ;). Working on better interfaces for the bigger workflow which includes video editing and all that jazz. A lot of human intervention. No GPUs were injured. Just egos.

The soundtrack is graciously sampled and twisted by us from a track by a great friend of the Circus, zetaprime. Check out zetaprime. Awesome tunes! Thanks again, pal!

RunwayML #runwayml was used for titles and composition.

Please like and subscribe. I’d appreciate any feedback, criticism, encouragement and especially people subscribing. It’s nice to have motivation to create things.

! Fun Fact: One of the first known uses of steam to do work was in entertainment millennia ago. The #carneys of the day used compressed steam to “magically” levitate various light objects much to the amazement of the audiences of that era. Pretty wild! Very Steampunk! Dare I say, science is awesome! Like a graceful acrobats.

Hi five a hippo. Feed a clown. Be nice. It #feelsgood. Stay perpetually preposterous at the world renowned Steampunk Circus.

AI is just a tool. These are my visions. #aianimated #animation #steampunk #googlefilm #FILM #interpolation #aimlshop