That audio is quite fun. It’s awkwardly funny and enthralling after a minute or so. ;) Pay very close attention. Don’t take candy from strangers. Especially on the internet. Stay safe and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN. A timely #aianimation oddity for Halloween at the world renowned Steampunk Circus. If you like strange synchronies this may eat a bit of your time. SUBSCRIBE and MOTIVATE!

Python, Stable Diffusion, custom model on sd-1.4, Deforum, FILM, ESRGAN, ffmpeg, PS, Premiere, Audition and this here Human. Any questions feel free to ask.

Wild grooves mashed and very definitely licensed from

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A large number of human + machine images are posted to the Steampunk Circus Twitter regularly.

! Fun Fact: One of the first known uses of steam to do work was in entertainment millennia ago. That’s a very long time. The #carneys of the day used steam to “magically” levitate various light objects much to the amazement of the audiences of the era. Pretty wild! Very #Steampunk! Dare I say, science is awesome! Like a graceful #acrobat.

Stable Diffusion for all forever. Don’t lock it down! #sdforall #aiartist #aiart

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AIML art is beautiful. #stablediffusion #audio #audiosync #aianimated #happyhalloween #storyteller #clown #candy