Searching for Copper & Steen

Exploring casting and characters as a backdrop for experiments with Stable Diffusion, Google’s FILM interpolation models, animation, creation and all things machine learning. I like this one. Just enough character attitude.

A funambulist is a tightrope walker. For example, “The funambulist will find balance or death at the world renowned Steampunk Circus.” #StableDiffusion 1.5, #FILM, #deforum, #ffmpeg, #realesrgan, #adobepremierepro, etc. on a variety of machines.

Executing a Big Top plans over here with this wily bunch of carneys. Enjoy the clever cycles. Might just get your nerd tickle going.

The soundscape soup your ears are sipping courtesy of mashing up two licensed audio samples from Travis Barker and fortuneswan at Splice. They have some fun resources and great tunes to play with over there. Check them out.

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A large number of human + machine images are posted to the Steampunk Circus Twitter

Perpetually preposterous.

Aimfriende Amalgamaton AI Animated

Story telling is a passion of mine. Using these tools brings doing that into a more expressive place for me. I enjoy it. Your mileage and opinion will vary. That’s a wonderful thing.