Creepy Jack-in-the-Box cinematic sound effects to match the visuals, fleeting puzzles and strange memories from before she was in the circus or just hallucinating machines and a whimsical human. Working on the facial expressions and cataloging so much. Scene framing experiments and dream sequences. It’s preposterous! #aifilmmaker wannabe. The primary #AI actor/model has been a part of the character development since before Disco Diffusion fine tuning days in some variation or another. Eventually she won’t keep turning into other people. So wild. Enjoy.

One of the hopes I have for the Steampunk Circus is to be able to create a reasonably good, theatre quality short film by Late Spring-ish with all the intense, imposter syndrome scratching perfectionism that entails. This is another push in that direction. That little bit closer. Every bit counts but not all the time.

Stable Diffusion 1.5, #deforum, #ffmpeg, realesrgan, etc. on an A100 inluding training and lots of attempts to get it reasonable and active directing. #premierepro for composition and color correction (or rather color correcting box clicking). With the color matching in #deforum there’s nothing much to color correct.

Executing a Big Top Vision(tm;) over here with this wily bunch of #carneys! Clever cycles from the world renowned Steampunk Circus. Enjoy. Much more on the schedule so please consider subscribing.

A 4k #StableDiffusion H/AI animation. A Human Machine Collaboration.

That cinematic soundscape soup your ears are sipping courtesy of mashing up numerous licensed audio samples from Splice. They have some fun resources and great tunes to play with over there.

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! Fun Fact: One of the first known uses of steam to do work was in entertainment millennia ago. That’s a very long time. The #carneys of the day used steam to “magically” levitate various light objects much to the amazement of the audiences of the era. Pretty wild! Very #Steampunk! Dare I say, science is awesome! Like a graceful #trapeze act.

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Stable diffusion is quite something. #film #aiart #aianimated #animation #circus #steampunk #aifilm #storyteller