A curious, art house spelling bee nerd tickle amalgamation of an AI animation - a human machine collaboration.

AI is bad at drawing words. Ominously adorable. #aimfriende Stable Diffusion spelling ‘Machine Learning Baby’ as only Stable Diffusion can for five minutes. In other words, it doesn’t. #aiisbad. It should study the Aimltext. Of course, it has no idea this is the goal. Not yet.

There is a sort of #accidental #asmr sort of thing happening. Maybe it’s just me or the nature sounds. That frog thing really gets me. The dictators toward the end are a bit unsettling. I’m not sure what that’s about. Not in the prompts.

0:00 Intro
0:22 Maching wit Macchine Maching
0:42 Machine Me Maciching Maching
1:08 That strange creature shows up
1:30 A duck? Sounds like a frog.
1:49 Are those gears?
2:16 Mache Mache! Touch the words
2:49 Macine Macine Babby Machining
3:15 Strange baby
3:41 Machine Machine Babby Baby Baby
4:20 Machne Maccine Babby Bad Ting
5:00 Those look like dictators? Strange.
5:35 Is that it? No success?

Those soothing nature sounds and cinematic sound effects mashed up from licensed audio purchased from Splice.com.

A funambulist is a tightrope walker. For example, “The funambulist will find balance or death at the world renowned Steampunk Circus.”

RunwayML #StableDiffusion 1.5 tuned up, #FILM, #deforum, #ffmpeg, #realesrgan, #adobepremierepro, etc. on a variety of machines.

Executing a Big Top plans over here with this wily bunch of #carneys. Enjoy the clever cycles. Might just get your nerd tickle going.

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