Depth and object mesh generation examples with Stable Diffusion and Ashawkey Dreamfusion. That gear is something else! Look forward to more of this. Upscaling with, e.g., ESRGAN, distorted the original mp4 output too much so these are not in 4k but rather the original. I suppose I could open it in Blender. I’ll share that later. Suffice to say, it’s an A* cluster f(k).

The mesh object output is a mess to say the least. 1M+ vertices. That gear is some kind of wild and certainly unexpected. Instead of extruding along a single axis we got a spherical, hollow gear. Awesome! The first prompt was much more complex and resulted in exactly what you see in the first two clips which is nothing much of anything. Enjoy!

Dreamfusion Links to try this on your own. This is great work.

Dreamfusion Homepage: Paper! Ashawkey’s Implementation: – Use this.

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Download the mesh if you don’t want to generate your own. I used an A100 and it took a while so. You can import the mesh into just about any 3D editor. Do what you will. So will I. Enjoy.

Those creepy sounds definitely licensed from They have some fun resources and great tunes to play with over there.

A large number of human + machine images are posted to the Steampunk Circus Twitter regularly.


Regarding why my video releases halted for over a week. What a pain.

SUNDAY 17 OCT - UPDATE: Had a glitch in the process of making a quick 1 minute tutorial on this. It’s ready when the video post processor finally decides to work. Won’t name names! Hopefully tomorrow. 1 minute how to.

SATURDAY 22 OCT - UPDATE: The AI video processor service I was using fails to export the tutorial video about how I did this. Since Monday! There is a thread on Reddit explaining a few of the attempts I tried to make their tool work but it kept restarting. They are apparently very busy! Here’s the mesh if you want it. Used Ashawkey to do it. Very cool. The tutorial video should have been out a week ago but I’ve been beholden to a particular AI video processor. They do have a new 3d texture maker they just launched. Right.

I’m very disappointed in the service from that company. I pay to export video. Not be kept in the dark for a week unable to use a service I pay for. I understand their contribution to AI and SD is bar none but if you offer a paid service you should follow through and not hold your biggest fans hostage. It’s been quite the bummer.