Gee golly, Pa! I heard the circus is coming to town! Giving YouTube #Shorts a go.

Exploring casting/characters and scene building for a short film as a backdrop for experiments with stable diffusion, FILM, animation, film making, creativity and all things machine learning.


  • Stable Diffusion
  • Google’s FILM
  • Deforum
  • ffmpeg
  • realESRGAN
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Python and Google Colab

Executing a Big Top plans over here with this wily bunch of #carneys. Enjoy the clever cycles. Might just get your nerd tickle going.

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A large number of human + machine images are posted to the Steampunk Circus Twitter.

Perpetually preposterous.


An amalgamation of automatons

AI Animated like and Anaiml

Don’t sweat the technique (I jest :). Just make something.